duna bird watching


DUNA bird watching was created within project Experimental Wooden Climatic Chamber within EEA Scholarship Program Slovakia of partner organisations Faculty of Architecture, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava and Bergen School of Architecture, Bergen, Norway. The building phase was supported also by research project Interaction of Man and Wood.

It is placed directly on the Danube River cost, on Hrušovská zdrž, near village Kalinkovo, cca 18 km from Bratislava. It is situated directly on the river cost under the international cyclist rout along Danube River. It provides not only place to observe nature, but also to have a break and relax during cycling and hiking in this favorite recreation site.

By designing the architecture students used the opportunity to create completely new public recreation site, with optimal proportion in the natural landscape, with less intrusive shape., with the best possible view for bird watching and the sunset, which is the most beautiful time of the day there, as well as the sunrise in the morning mist.

Its concept of wave enables combining of more private one for bird watching in an interior –making self also comfortable and on the outer platform there is more public space enabling panorama view to the surrounding.

Building is constructed from glued plywood beams that were erected on the grid of earth screws, fastened by crossbeams and plywood boards, and covered by 3 layers of cladding made of thin spruce and fir wood lamellas, fir wood for more demanding parts , layers are attached to each other by screwing. Nowadays it is finished by pigmented flax oil paint - color tone warm grey.

All participants have improved not only design thinking and environmental awareness, but also hands on practical skills by working with wood.

More information about the designing and building process you can find at www.watchamber.com